A British woman's body lay undiscovered for hours after she died while partying with a group of men at an exclusive Australian strip club.

Stacey Tierney, from Manchester, was found dead at the Dreams Gentlemen's Club in Melbourne at around 11.50am on Monday December 19, the Daily Mail reported.

The 29-year-old reportedly worked at the club as an exotic dancer and had been with a group of men when the venue was closed on Sunday, who are believed to have fled when she died without calling for medical assistance.

The men reportedly fled the strip club after Tierney died. Photo / Supplied
The men reportedly fled the strip club after Tierney died. Photo / Supplied

Police have not revealed any details about the last hours of Tierney's life, but said a post-mortem will be conducted to determine her cause of death.


According to the Herald Sun, Tierney had worked at strip clubs in the Gold Coast before relocating to Melbourne where she danced at Dreams.

The club has been opened since 2008 and offers "pleasure at it's best", with themed podium dancers, $50 lap dances and private shows available.

A friend of Tierney, who gave her name as Ashley, said she is worried foul play might have been involved.

"I personally hope someone is charged for this. I'd like to see them punished," she said. "I told her not to work there. I thought it was a bit dodgy."

Other friends said Tierney - who would have celebrated her 30th birthday on January 20 - was "streetwise" and "liked to have a drink" but didn't take drugs.

Meanwhile her devastated family tonight said they were urgently seeking answers as to whether she had been killed.

Her mother Michelle and sisters Stephanie, Kristie, and Kelly-Anne, from Stockport, Greater Manchester, have not yet been told what caused her death.

Australian police confirmed they are investigating Tierney's death.

Tierney taught as a dance and fitness instructor in Manchester before leaving for Australia three years ago.

She lived first in Brisbane before moving to Melbourne last year. Family and friends said she wanted to train as a nurse.

Her cousin Colleen Bourke, 34, from Cheadle, Greater Manchester, said the family was struggling to find out how Tierney had died.

She said: "We have not been told anything by the authorities in Australia about this latest information. We have only read it in the Australian press and we have no idea whether it is true.

"The family is obviously very upset that Stacey has died. We have been shocked by the articles in the Australian press and on the face of it, it looks like it should be a murder investigation.

"But we are still trying to get in touch with the Australian police because we have still not been given any official information about how she died."

A GoFundMe page was launched to raise money to bring
Tierney's body back to Britain and give her "a send off fit for a princess".

The campaign exceeded the £10,000 target in just two days.

A post read: "As some of you may know we sadly lost our beautiful Stacey on Monday. Stacey was living her life to the full in Australia and she has made a huge impact on everyone who knew her.

"At the moment her family are still in shock and are trying to get there heads around what has happened. This page is being set up in honour of Stacey.

"The aim is to raise funds to bring her home to give her a send of fit for a princess. On behalf of her mum Michelle and her sisters Stephanie, Kristie, and Kelly-Anne and the rest of her family we would like to thank everyone for their kind messages of condolence."

Michelle added: "We just want to bring her home and give her an amazing funeral."