WARNING: Graphic content.

A YouTube daredevil who posts videos of himself jumping into pools from dangerous locations at hotels was left severely injured after his latest stunt.

CCTV footage posted on YouTube shows 8Booth taking a final leap of faith before landing on concrete and smashing his legs.

8Booth then falls in the pool after hitting the concrete.

After slightly misjudging his jump, 8booth drags himself out of the pool and is left sitting in pain.


This stunt, believed to be filmed at the Pacific Edge Hotel in Laguna Beach, California, has put 8booth in hospital, with his legs in plaster and a nasty looking foot injury.

The jump is seen in three different angles, with the video finishing with him in hospital.

The YouTube video left some commentators empathetic, where others felt like he deserved the consequence.

"I knew this was gonna happen some day," one commentator wrote.

Others agreed writing: "Congratulations, you will never walk the same again. Getting X-fixes on your ankles means you will never be able to run again and you'll never jump from a building again."

With a third person saying that he had been landing "too close to the edge".

8booth has several other videos on his YouTube channel, seeing him jumping into pools from dangerous heights.

One stunt shows him jumping from a 39m platform into the marina at Newport harbour in California.

8Booth's crazy stunt videos have given him up to 73,000 followers on his YouTube channel.

- nzherald.co.nz