Two leaders of a violent street gang were contracted to murder a debt collector in an arrangement involving the dead man's former business partner - who has since fled Australia, a murder trial has heard.

Elias "Les" Elias is living in the Philippines and has refused to return to Australia until after the murder trial of his former business associate Joe Antoun, 50.

Antoun was gunned down on the doorstep of his home in front of his horrified family on December 16, 2013.

A Brothers 4 Life boss, Farhad Qaumi, 34, and his brother Mumtaz, 31, are accused of ordering a gunman to shoot Antoun after receiving a contract to kill the debt collector.


The pair have pleaded not guilty to murder.

A hooded man shot Joe Antoun dead as he opened his front door December 2013.
A hooded man shot Joe Antoun dead as he opened his front door December 2013.

Shocking CCTV footage of the murder was played at the judge-alone trial which shows a man knock on the front door of Antoun's Strathfield home, shoot the victim and then run from the scene.

Crown Prosecutor Ken McKay SC told the court Antoun was at home with his wife at 9.35pm when a monitor in the kitchen, connected to the CCTV cameras at the front door, showed a man was outside.

"(Mr Antoun's wife) went to a window and looked out and saw a person and called out to that person, asking who it was. The person she heard say, "It's Adam. I've got a package for Joe.

"At about this time, Joseph Antoun opened the front door. There was a wire security door which was still closed. As he opened the door, Mr Antoun was shot a number of times and died in his house, it seems very quickly after being hit," McKay told the court.

The court heard that before Antoun's death, his former business partner Elias had agreed to purchase Mumtaz Qaumi's poorly performing business Erina Kebab House for $190,000 with a $40,000 deposit.

This was despite the fact the business had previously been advertised for sale on the online website Gumtree for just $25,000.

"Farhad Qaumi and Mumtaz Qaumi had accepted a contract to kill Joseph Antoun. In conversations, it was indicated that a person, Les Elias or Elias Elias, was a person involved in that contract," Mr McKay said.

The trial has heard from Detective Senior-Constable Luke McAneny who said police went to interview Elias in the Philippines but he declined to provide a statement.

"He is not prepared to come back to Australia until this trial is over?" McKay asked Sen-Constable McAneny.

"Yes," he replied.

The trial continues.