A car that hit a Sydney woman was travelling at 152km/h and flung her 80 metres before her body hit a pole and stopped in the middle of an intersection.

24-year-old Tanami Nayler died instantly, but the driver - Kiwi Nicholas Davison, in a stolen car - didn't stop at the scene of the horrific collision in Melbourne.

Court documents said he'd driven through a red light and police estimated he had a blood alcohol limit of up to 0.22 per cent, The Canberra Times reported.

When the car hit Nayler, 24, about 2.15am on July 30 it was in a 60km/h zone, a prosecution summary showed.


Just before she was killed, Nayler - in Melbourne from Sydney, celebrating a promotion - had messaged her mother to tell her she had safely arrived.

Meanwhile, Davison was stealing a car from a rental vehicle yard, smashing it through a gate as he left.

He remembered stealing the car, but not the crash, he told police.

Footage from CCTV showed him apparently "unable to stand" before taking the car, The Canberra Times reported.

After the collision, further footage shows him run past Ms Nayler's body.

He was arrested after being found intoxicated, clad only in his underwear after throwing away his clothes.

Davison sent photos of his injuries to friends and referenced going to jail in a message after the crash.

On Monday, he pleaded guilty to theft, culpable driving causing death, failing to immediately stop the car after the fatal accident, entering a car rental service intending to steal.


Other charges were withdrawn.

A pre-sentencing hearing is scheduled for February.