Shocking surveillance footage has captured the moment a mother managed to save her 2-year-old son as two dogs viciously mauled them outside their house.

The attack occurred in Anaheim, California, on Tuesday. It started when the boy was set upon by the two dogs in the front yard.

His mother then came to rescue to him, grabbing him and trying to run inside their home, but at the front door she realized she couldn't find her keys.

Spencer Bishop, the boy's father and woman's husband, was at work at the time. He said he has seen the surveillance footage but cannot watch it again because it is too shocking.


'It was just a constant battle - five to seven minutes of just terror,' Mr Bishop told KTLA.

'She was screaming and yelling for help and luckily we had two neighbors (nearby). One lady came over with a stick to try and prod them off.'

The woman was able to get the dogs off the two by using the stick and pulling them away. The mother and her son then managed to get inside the house and call 911.

The little boy was rushed to to hospital, and is now recovering from extensive injuries.

'He has a big laceration in his face, in his leg, he's had multiple stitches and he had to have plastic surgery on his face,' Mr Bishop said.

'There are no words to explain how you feel, unless you have a child and see your child or wife go through something like that. My wife is a hero.'

Fortunately, Mr Bishop said his wife suffered only minor lacerations. She is also now recovering.

The boy's mother had to shield him for a lengthy time away from the attacking dogs.
The boy's mother had to shield him for a lengthy time away from the attacking dogs.

The footage shows the mother at one point holding her son overhead

Neighbors were able to hold the dogs until authorities arrived at the scene.

Animal control officers have now taken the dogs into custody. An investigation will look into the history of the dogs and whether there are any prior incidents.

Criminal charged may be brought against the owner pending the outcome of that investigation.