Key Points:

It was never going to be a normal election, so accordingly, Republican nominee Donald Trump's people have prepared a post-count party that is far from normal too. With counting barely under way, the scene set for Mr Trump's celebration or commiseration is already starting to look thoroughly weird. A ridiculously expensive cash bar, weirdly accurate marzipan-coated cake in the likeness of Mr Trump, and of course some colourful characters will accompany the nominee at what's being billed as the Republican's "victory party". Mr Trump supporters have begun to gather at the Hilton Midtown hotel in Manhattan to await the presidential election result as Mr Trump himself is holed up inside, presumably in one of the hotel's lavish suites. As soon as supporters started arriving, so too did the unusual celebration paraphernalia. The creepy cake was one of the first signs this wouldn't be you usual election night celebration. Moulded into the shape of Donald Trump's head, the sweet treat was wheeled into the hotel by supporter Melissa Alt. Ms Alt, from New Jersey, told AP she had spent around 50 hours making the chocolate cake, and it was valued around $60,500. A tweet from inside the party showed the bar's incredibly overpriced drinks list. The cheapest item available from the cash bar will be soft drinks, at $7, while a wine or "mixed drink" will set supporters back $13.00.

Also inside the function room, a museum-ready display of merchandise has been set up in what one member of the press inside the party described as a "bizarre shrine". A cordoned off stand carries cordoned off Trump/Pence memorabilia including badges behind glass, a selection of "make American great again" caps, and some good old fashioned corflutes. Outside the party, it's been just as chaotic. There's been a huge security presence by the Midtown hotel, as there has been just a few blocks away at Trump Tower. A massive presence of media, including mobile television trucks have blocked up the streets and sidewalks out the front. By the entrance to the hotel, a guy has been selling "Cap'n Trump" cereal. Its packaging features a cartoon Trump and the tagline "make breakfast great again". Proceeds from sales go to providing meals for the city's homeless. The hall in the Hilton where Mr Trump's party will be either celebrating, commiserating, or planning their revolt, can accommodate 3000 people. It's small compared to the city's Jacob Javits Convention Center where his opponent Hillary Clinton will be making her post-poll appearance tonight. But so far, it looks like Mr Trump's will be the one to watch.