A woman killed when she was struck by a truck while crossing a street was identified by her devastated partner who saw her handbag beside her body.

Danielle McGrath, 26, was killed about 7.40am Tuesday morning on Point Hacking Rd, Caringbah, in Sydney's south, causing major traffic delays as emergency services rushed to the scene.

Her partner was caught in the traffic, and he left his car and ran to the scene of the accident when he began to fear she was involved.

A shop owner told the Daily Telegraph the man tried to call her mobile "but when she didn't answer he left his car and ran to the scene".


The shop owner believed he quickly realised the victim was McGrath.

"It would have been horrible for him to see her lying there on the road, and I think he recognised it was her when he spotted her handbag lying on the road."

McGrath was originally from Illawong but had moved to Caringbah where she was living with her partner. A man in his 20s, reportedly her partner, was seen being carried distraught from the scene.

Other friends and family were warned not to get too close to McGrath, who suffered traumatic injuries.

The driver of the truck that allegedly struck the woman was seen to be crying after he got out of his vehicle.

The 59-year-old, also from Illawong, was taken to Sutherland Hospital for mandatory testing. He was then taken to Miranda Police Station and charged with dangerous driving occasioning death.

He was bailed to appear in Sutherland Local Court on December 8.

Inspector Gary Ford, of New South Wales police, told reporters: "Investigations are still ongoing but at the moment we do believe she was crossing with green light."

Investigators will now examine the truck to see whether a mechanic fault could have contributed in some way.

Police have not ruled out laying further charges.

A transport driver, who asked not to be named, came across the scene at 8am and again two hours later. He and many locals were horrified the body was still there, underneath a sheet.

"It's inexcusable that the body was there so long, it just didn't look right, and I feel for the family and for the deceased," he said.

He said the woman's handbag was also left on the road near her body for "far too long".
"Her bag and things were scattered on the road and I think a lot of schoolchildren and elderly passing by would have been dismayed by this," he said.

Alan Rojas said he was a passenger in a vehicle approaching the lights at The Kingsway, just moments after McGrath was hit.

"I ran to the woman's aid, but there was nothing anyone could do. It must have been almost instantaneous," he told the Telegraph.

"I saw the woman on the road, and no-one was helping, but when I got closer I realised there was nothing I could do.

The truck driver was seen crying at the scene of the accident. Photo / News Corp
The truck driver was seen crying at the scene of the accident. Photo / News Corp

"I saw the driver get out [of the truck], and he just started crying. We're on the road all the time with work, so we see lots of accidents and things, and we know CPR and first aid, but when I approached the body there was nothing to be done. I just looked at the driver, and shook my head."

Witness John Michaels told Nine News he asked police to keep McGarth's family and friends away to protect them from the traumatic scene.

"I said to the police, and there were a lot of police there, can you keep them away because the injuries are too horrific for them to see that."

Some people have criticised how long Danielle McGrath's body was left in the street after the accident. Photo / News Corp
Some people have criticised how long Danielle McGrath's body was left in the street after the accident. Photo / News Corp

It is understood the woman was walking to Caringbah train station when she was struck while crossing the road at the intersection.

McGrath was reportedly heading north along Port Hacking Rd and attempted to cross The Kingsway at the traffic lights.

On social media, people who witnessed the accident and the scene afterwards expressed outrage that the woman's body was left lying on the road covered with a sheet for more than three hours while police carried out preliminary investigations.

"I passed this incident this morning and it was distressing to see the woman's body still lying on the ground with a sheet over it. I feel for her family and friends," Kelly Michael said.

Several schoolchildren were present in the minutes after the tragedy and would have witnessed the aftermath, including before a sheet covered the body.

"I was a little bit worried. It's a bit of an impact for them," Carly Van Beek told the Daily Mail.

"If that was my kid, I'd want them not to see something like that."