The US election is certainly getting many people hot under the collar.

Two topless female protesters have been arrested at the polling booth where Donald Trump will vote.

The women reportedly chanted anti-Trump slogans while what appeared to be Secret Service agents grappled with them in front of cameras and other voters.

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Video of the incident was captured by Sharon Clott Kanter, a style director at People magazine.


It happened at the High School of Art and Design on 56th St in Manhattan, just five blocks from Trump Tower.

New York forbids any form of electioneering inside a polling location or within 30m of its entrance.

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Women are, however, free to go topless in public in New York City without breaking the law.

It came as the voting log-jam extended across the US. Some waited hours in line to cast their ballot.

Heading into Election Day, nearly 45 million people had already cast ballots in advance voting.