The shell-shocked American public will for the final time today hear their potential leaders slug it out.

There are few people in this country who feel this campaign has done anything for this nation but divide it. Never have they heard a potential President sink as low as Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have.

The only thing that hasn't been part of the debauchery commonly associated with sex, drugs and rock and roll is drugs. But given the depravity of the rhetoric over the past months valium would have provided some relief.

Some early voters have waited in line for up to five hours to exercise their democratic right which, given the quality of the two candidates, you'd have to ask what they're on. But then this vote's more about voting for one to keep the other out of office, rather than casting a ballot through genuine affection.


No one I've spoken to, diehard Republicans or Democrats, have said they're entirely happy with their choice.

The oracle of American journalism Dan Rather's describing it as a dumpster campaign with so many negatives.

Rather's covered a staggering 16 Presidential elections and says this one has thrown up some questions that the American people now have to think about, like what kind of country this is and what kind of people they are. He believes they're better than what they've seen displayed on the campaign trail.

So how did someone like Trump win the ticket of the once proud Grand Old Party? Rather reckons he was given an easy ride from the start from the media. He got coverage without the tough questioning - and he was a master of social media.

And when you think about it, his mastery of the short, sharp bite on the likes of Twitter is more commonly the expertise of a teenager, which in many ways his behaviour has exhibited, in terms of maturity.

But Clinton being careless with her cursed emails can't be overlooked either, and as much as she tried to get down and dirty with Trump, she couldn't shake off the scandal which just gets worse, even though the FBI has now backed off.

A WikiLeaks email just out reportedly shows her daughter Chelsea used the Clinton Foundation to pay for her wedding, her living expenses and for the taxes on cash gifts from her parents. Our Government has contributed to the Foundation, which is still under investigation.

But least Dan Rather does hold out some faith for whoever takes the White House tomorrow. Rather would be surprised if Clinton or Trump doesn't call for unity.


Given the mood created by this election though, that may be easier said than done!

Barry Soper is in New York courtesy of Air New Zealand