A former friend of Gable Tostee's new Kiwi girlfriend is "completely unsurprised" at her new choice of man, saying that she's always pursued celebrity status.

Lizzi Evans, whose real name is Elizabeth Smith and hails from Havelock North in Hawke's Bay, has taken to social media to defend Tostee, who was found not guilty of murdering Warriena Wright last week.

Wright, 26, plunged to her death from Tostee's 14th storey Gold Coast balcony while on a Tinder date with him in August 2014.

During the high-profile trial, Evans defended Tostee on social media, claiming he was no different to other Gold Coast men.

She also attacked Wright as being a "phycho" (sic) drunk.

Now, a former friend of Evans has spoken out, saying she is someone who has always sought the spotlight.

The source, who does not want to be named, was not shocked when they saw her in the news as Tostee's new partner.

"It's exactly the sort of situation she'd be drawn to," the ex-friend told the Herald.

"The celebrity status but also the nature of the celebrity would also be an extremely big draw to her. It's completely her style."

When a Hawke's Bay Today reporter visited Evans' family home in Havelock North, a man believed to be her brother answered the door and would not confirm whether she was in a relationship with Tostee.

"I think she is in the Gold Coast but I will not comment further," he said.

Gold Coast man Gable Tostee arrives at court. Photo / News Ltd
Gold Coast man Gable Tostee arrives at court. Photo / News Ltd

Wright's closest friends have paid tribute to a "dear and beautiful friend" and spoken of the "pure strength and dignity" of her grieving family.

Hayley Cayson and Kaitlyn Cooper-Craill wrote the heartfelt tribute as they attempt to "put the pieces of our lives back together".

Wright, of Lower Hutt, had been in Queensland for a friend's wedding when she died during a Tinder date with Tostee.

Tostee was charged with her murder but was acquitted of both the murder and manslaughter of Wright by a jury last week.

Gasps were heard in the back of the courtroom where Tostee's family was sitting as the jury delivered their not guilty verdict about 3.20pm local time on Thursday.

Wright's family attended the trial but did not comment after the verdict.

Wright's dearest friends have released a statement on Facebook.

"We are truly blown away by the pure strength and dignity Rrie's family have shown throughout this horrific time, and we continue to send you our love and support in the times to come.

"For us Rrie was not just a victim... she's a real person who is loved and missed everyday. She is a dear and beautiful friend who deserves to be remembered for all the good she put out into the world and for all the kind and gentle things she did for her family and friends.

"As I'm sure you all can appreciate this is a difficult time for all who know and love Rrie, and we thank you for the respect and privacy while we put the pieces of our lives back together. Although one very important piece has been unfairly taken from us she will forever be remembered and carried in our hearts."

The friends also issued thank, both on their behalf and Wright's family, to Queensland Police, trial prosecutor Glen Cash, the Australian and New Zealand homicide and victim support networks, and family and friends "who have stood behind us over the last two years".

After the trial, Tostee's solicitor Nick Dore said Tostee was looking forward to putting the matter behind him.

"At this stage he is looking forward to putting it behind him and considering his future from here," Dore said.