There is at least one man who Donald Trump may think is superior to him. And his name is Donald Trump.

In 2010, a friend asked Trump if he'd call a well-respected oncologist running the Roswell Park Cancer Institute in Buffalo to see if he could get his son into a clinical trial there. So Trump called Dr Trump.

While he had him on the line, he asked the celebrity businessman if he'd consider shaving his famous locks for a Roswell fundraiser. Trump demurred but sent along a cheque and a message. In the video, Trump displayed the sort of humility for which he is not known.

"The Roswell Park Cancer Institute is really lucky to have the other Donald Trump, but the other Donald Trump is me because you're the famous one," Trump said, standing in his Trump Tower Manhattan office. "I've been hearing your name for years and years. . . . Believe it or not what you do in life is more important than what I do in life. So I'd say Donald L. Trump, which is you, is probably more important than Donald J. Trump, which is me."


It was the first time Dr Trump, who will helm the new Inova Schar Cancer Institute in Falls Church, Virginia, had directly crossed paths with the developer-now- -candidate, although he's endured years of lighthearted ribbing because of his famous name.

Lately, though, the tenor of those remarks has shifted. "It's interesting. In some ways they've been less irritating and less intense," Dr Trump said. "I think the reactions I get when I introduce myself, or give my credit card or passport at TSA are more sympathetic than they ever have before."

Dr Trump is 71 and candidate Trump is 70. They've both been divorced twice and are now remarried. Dr Trump is a mild-mannered man. Known to friends as "Skip," he'd rather talk about scientific advancements than boast of his personal achievements. He openly counts his failed marriages as his biggest regrets.

Recently, Dr Trump was stopped by police in Arlington after he made an illegal turn. With a grin, the officer asked: "Who are you voting for?" Dr Trump replied: "Well, it depends on who you're voting for, Officer."

The officer smiled, then let Dr Trump go with an admonishment to be more careful.