A Melbourne woman allegedly accidentally hit and killed her 75-year-old husband after he asked her to rev the engine.

The woman, who is in her 70s, ran over her husband in the driveway of their south-east Melbourne home on Tuesday afternoon, according to Seven News.

Neighbours said they heard the woman scream and saw her jump out of the car after she struck him, the Daily Mail reports.

"He came in front of the car and he must have said to her rev," Andrew Boyadjian, who has lived next door to the couple for 40 years, told Seven News.


"But she thought she was on neutral and she on drive, and whoosh, she just hit over him and drove over him," Mr Boyadjian told 7 News.

"She went down on her knees blaming herself and saying 'I killed you my darling. Don't die, don't die'."

The man died at the scene from his injuries.

Police said although the incident appeared to be an accident they would be an investigation.