A Colombian surgeon and a nurse have wound up in hot water after footage of the pair dancing to pop music while operating on a patient went viral.

The video, which was leaked to Medellin councillor Bernardo Alejandro Guerra, shows the pair in their surgical scrubs apparently in the middle of performing surgery in a hospital.

During what appears to be an operation around the stomach region, the pair - who are listening to pop music - suddenly put down their equipment and start dancing and laughing. They then stop mid movement, pick up their utensils and continue on with the operation.

Some are claiming the footage is a complete spoof, but regardless of whether the video is fake or not - the politician who received the clip wants to take action.


"This is a lack of ethics and respect for the patient and the profession," Mr Guerra told local media.

"The amazing thing is that the anaesthesiologist does not appear in the video. He is the one responsible for the sleeping of the patient and he allows them to dance in the room, without respecting the protocol."

The surgeon, who was operating at the Clínica Arte y Cuerpo, is allegedly Dr David Majana Navarro and nurse Angelica Mejia, according to local reports.

It is understood Mr Guerra leaked the footage because of complaints made by other patients about how Dr Majana Navarro had treated people in the past.

The doctor featured in the clip has accused his former partner Carmen Calderon of leaking the video, after she claimed she had a botched tummy tuck by the surgeon.