Eight Arizona donkeys got the shock of their life when they were moved to a California ranch and saw grass for the very first time.

Montgomery Creek Ranch has posted a video of the adorable moment the Black Mountain burros almost stood still in shock as they gazed at their new home.

In the clip the first burro jumps out of the truck and then immediately jumps back before he can touch the grass, so shocked by the bright green sight.

He remains standing still in the small patch of dirt, gazing in wonder at this newfound lush land.


A second burro soon joins him on the patch, sniffing the grass in wonderment before they both take a few first apprehensive bites of the turf.

The rest of the burros soon join them, excitedly stepping out into their new world.

Montgomery Creek Ranch explained that the video was filmed as the burros were first being introduced to the 'foreign' terrain.

Because they had previously been fed only a diet of hay, the donkeys needed to be slowly introduced to the grass or else they would get sick very fast.

"We are getting them used to it carefully and slowly, instead of turning them free on the ranch right away," MCR wrote on their Facebook page.

"They'll get time to graze in this small pasture until they're used to it, and when they've adapted we'll be able to turn them loose."

Montgomery Creek Ranch is a wild horse sanctuary in Northern California, giving refuge to horses and burros that have been removed from Western public lands.

These wild horses are not good candidates for adoption, and so the ranch provides them with a place where they can remain free.

Montgomery Creek Ranch also works to raise awareness about the country's wild horses and burros, and provides a place where they can connect with people.

Their video is definitely garnering attention, racking up more than three million views in less than 24 hours since it was reposted on Tuesday.