A Chinese man has been arrested after beating his wife to death because he believed she had cracked the screen of his smartphone.

The woman, surnamed Chen, was found dead with serious head injuries on September 15 at her home in the city of Yinchuan, China's Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, reported People's Daily Online.

The 28-year-old suspect, surnamed Su, has been arrested by the Yinchuan police after a city-wide manhunt and admitted killing her.

Su did not have a steady job and stayed at home all the time, said the police.


The couple were heard having a serious altercation the day before the homicide.

On September 15, the father-of-two reportedly left home in the morning; and when he returned, he found the screen of his smartphone cracked.

Outraged, the man thought his wife, who had complained about his addiction to smartphones, had broken his handset.

However, Ningxia TV reported that Chen smashed the mobile phone onto the floor during a fight with her husband.

In the afternoon, the dead body of Chen was found by Su's father, who immediately called police.

Officers said the victim had been repeatedly struck in the head by a blunt object, leading to her death.

A bloodstained wooden stick was found at the murder scene.

Chen's husband was identified as the main suspect after neighbours reported seeing him fleeing from the house and heading towards a nearby forest.

Police carried out a city-wide manhunt on September 15.

In the evening, Su was arrested at a store in Yinchuan city.

Su admitted he had beaten his wife to death using a wooden stick as she slept.

The man is currently detained. Police are continuing to investigate.