A father who filmed a viral video of his five-year-old son performing burnouts behind the wheel of a car is now being investigated by child protection services.

Alex Dobson shared a video of his son Riley burning rubber in his driveway at their Queensland home earlier this week.

The clip has since amassed more than two million views, and 30,000 shares.

Unfortunately for Dobson, the video has caught the attention of the Queensland Police and child protection officers, who have now seized the family car pending further investigations into Dobson's questionable parenting.


The footage depicts five-year-old Riley doing burnouts behind the wheel of his dad's sports car as smoke billows out of the vehicle.

In his initial post, Dobson captioned the clip: "When your five-year-old says... Dad, can I do a burnout? Sure son, no worries.

"Remember a car addiction stops a drug addiction. Private driveway."

In an interview with Australia's Nine News, dad Alex Dobson revealed he is starting to regret his decision to share the video online.

He said: "I am beginning to, only because of how far it's gone and the consequences."

When asked if he thought he had put his son's life at risk, Dobson said: "Definitely not, no way would I ever put my child's life at risk".

Local police are currently in the process of working out if they can lay charges, since the incident took place on private property.

Meanwhile, Dobson has been slammed on social media.

Fee Fee Moellner wrote on Facebook: "Nothing at all is good about this!

"It's a very bad accident waiting to happen!"

And Tania Hartley commented: "OMG this deadbeat should be reported to DHS.

"If this kid goes out without his irresponsible dad to try it again and takes off in the car he has no hope."