The Victorian man who raised more than A$5000 to bring a stray Labrador he found on the side of a road in Greece to Australia has made the heartbreaking decision to part with the animal.

Jacob Welsh and Chance's story was broadcast around the world last week after a crowdfunding campaign raised enough money to fund the stray's planned seven-month journey through the Australian quarantine process.

But Welsh decided the stress and trauma of a trip Down Under would be unfair on the Labrador.

Welsh has agreed to hand Chance over to a family in England who recently lost their own Labrador.


"She has been through a rough time as it is, so as heartbreaking to me as this is, I know this is the right decision for her sake," the Geelong man posted on Facebook.

"This was never about me, it was about making sure Chance didn't have to spend another night on the streets, and because of all of you that is now the case."

Welsh says he's refunded the A$5334 raised for the scrapped Australian journey.

He and Chance were inseparable after the Australian found the stray lying in smashed glass beside a Greek road.

He cared for the dog but finding her a more permanent home became crucial as his departure date edged closer.

His appeal for help in giving her "one last shot at having a good home" in Australia attracted worldwide attention.