WARNING: Graphic content

Grisly footage has been released showing the crime scene where a jealous lover admitted to disembowelling his girlfriend after she called out her ex's name during sex.

Video shot by crime scene investigators shows the blood-spattered interior of the home in Sunrise, Florida, where Fidel Lopez, 25, admitted to cops he killed Maria Nemeth, 31.

When first arrested Lopez tried to claim his girlfriend had fallen ill. He said he called the emergency services after Nemeth had difficulty breathing after the pair binged on tequila and after a bout of rough sex.


When police arrived at the scene they found the bloody scene and the suspect crying in the bathroom next to Nemeth's body.

After being challenged by cops he eventually confessed to ripping out Nemeth's intestines in a jealous rage.

Alongside the crime scene footage police also released video of Lopez's interrogation, CBS Miami reported.

"Fidel, this was not a case of rough sex," one of the detectives can be heard telling Lopez.

Later in the interrogation the detective advised him: "You have to do the right thing and tell the truth."

Lopez insisted that he loved Nemeth.

"She's a good girl," he said. "She's a perfect girl, man. She's my love."

Then, after hours of questioning, the suspect cracked, admitting that he lost his cool after Nemeth called him by her ex-husband's name during sex.

"She changed my name," he said. "She called me the name of the other (expletive) guy. And she said it twice and she was wrong and she was confusing me with him. At that point, I get mad," he said. "I get really, really mad."

According to cops Lopez admitted to becoming a "monster" and wrecking the apartment, then murdering Nemeth, originally from Peru.

The crime scene video shows the apartment's interior covered in blood.

The largest concentration of blood appears to be in the closet where detectives say the couple was having sex when Nemeth called out her ex's name.

Elsewhere in the video can be seen an open tequila bottle, sliced limes, a smashed sliding glass door and a hole in the wall.

Lopez, who was arrested shortly after the September 2015 attack, has pleaded not guilty to first-degree murder. He is being held without bond as he awaits trial. Prosecutors are said to be seeking the death penalty.