A chauffeur has captured a British cat stopping the traffic to use a crossing in Dartford, Kent.

In the video, the cat waits at the side of St Vincent's Road for cars to come to a stop, the Daily Mail reports.

The dash-cam of driver Justin Scrutton catches the cat running across, stopping another vehicle.

"Spot on" the driver says before moving off.


Scrutton told News Shopper: "I just approached the zebra crossing and looked both sides as you do, in case there was a child.

"I thought is the cat going to run out? He was looking at me, waiting for me so I slowed down. Both cars stopped and the cat looked both ways, he thought 'it's my turn' and crossed.

"He stayed in the line of the zebra crossing the whole way across. He has obviously done that before, it was very sweet."

The cat had
The cat had "obviously done that before" said driver Justin Scrutton. Photo / YouTube.