Car enthusiasts at a collector's show watched in horror as the driver of a Mercedes 380 SL reversed over a A$300,000 ($320,000) Ferrari 458 Speciale.

Video shows the back of the Mercedes hoisted on the bonnet of the rare sports car in Virginia, US.

Surrounded by stunned onlookers, the driver revved the engine in a desperate attempt to free her classic car, but only succeeded in scratching the Ferrari.

Footage shared on Instagram over the weekend showed the horrified Ferrari owner standing open-mouthed as the driver struggled to dislodge the car.


"Are you f*****g serious?!" he asked the driver, as spectators filmed the cringeworthy crash.

"That is the dumbest thing I have ever seen."

Replying to the owner, the shocked woman said: "Oh my god, I am shaking."

The Mirror reported no one was hurt - although the driver's bank balance may never recover.