The man charged with murdering Kiwi mum Tara Brown on the Gold Coast last year is facing fresh accusations of pouring boiling water over a convicted paedophile in prison.

Lionel Patea, 24, has been charged with causing grievous bodily harm after the alleged assault.

The incident was reportedly captured on CCTV cameras at the Arthur Gorrie Correctional Centre where Patea is on remand awaiting trial for two unrelated murders - Brown and Queensland man Greg Dufty.

Brown, 24, was allegedly run off the road in her car and then, as she lay trapped, was bashed to death by Patea, her estranged partner, September 8.


The young mum of one had a protection order out against Patea when she was killed.

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Weeks later, while in custody Patea was charged with the killing of Dufty.

The 37-year-old was allegedly murdered over a drug debt in July.

Patea's brother Nelson Patea and cousin Aaron Crawford, a Kiwi, have also been charged with Dufty's murder.

Australian police allege Patea used Ms Brown's car to drive and meet his cousin, Kiwi Aaron Crawford, so they could kill Mr Dufty.

Patea was scheduled to appear in the Brisbane Supreme Court on Friday last week for a hearing related to Ms Brown's murder.

However Magistrate Bronwyn Springer adjourned the hearing for three weeks while the alleged assault on the inmate was investigated.

CCTV footage from the prison has been presented in court along with a statement from the alleged victim, a convicted paedophile.

The Gold Coast Bulletin reported a prison source saying the incident "happened three months ago".

"There didn't appear to be any reason for any fight," the source said.

"(Patea) was considering himself a bit of a martyr (after that)."

Prison sources told the Bulletin that Patea and his younger brother had "copped several beatings" while on remand at Arthur Gorrie Correctional Centre.

Nelson Patea had been involved in a fight with a prison guard, they said.

Lionel Patea's lawyer Campbell MacCallum said his client was in "forced protective custody" after the alleged assault.

"He has been put into protection against his wishes, since he was arrested, but he is agitating to be put into the mainstream prison," Mr MacCallum said.

"He has made a few friends in prison and is following instructions comfortably but he is really pushing (to be with the other inmates) because he didn't ask to be put into protection."

Patea will next appear in court on August 22.