A burglar who stood watching a sleeping couple for almost 15 minutes has been dubbed "the creepy burglar" after he was caught on camera during the home invasion in the United States.

The man broke into the sixth-storey flat in Chicago early Monday morning and was captured lingering at the top of stairs while the homeowner, Jack Mackercher and his girlfriend Jordan Buranskas, slept on the couch below.

The burglar appeared to be watching television part of the time. Police said they had never seen anything like it, WGNtv.com reported.

The couple would have been none the wiser if it were not for the home surveillance system they had set up to watch their two dogs during the day.


It was only when they reviewed the footage while looking for Buranskas' purse, which was the only item the burglar took, that they noticed the bizarre intrusion.

The couple is now ramping up security at the home and warning others in the Bucktown neighbourhood to lock up and be on the lookout for the burglar.