Two men have come forward claiming Cardinal George Pell groped them at a Victorian pool in the 1970s.

The men, who were in primary school at the time, say Cardinal Pell abused them while they were swimming at Ballarat's Eureka Pool during the summer of 1978-79.

One of the men, Lyndon Monument told ABC's 7.30 he was reluctant to speak up because of the power Cardinal Pell held.

"I didn't like it, but because it was a church and he was George Pell, we just - you just weren't game to ever say anything, you know what I mean," Mr Monument told 7.30.


The two men, now in their 40s, have given separate statements to Victoria Police's special Taskforce Sano last year.

Cardinal Pell, who was a priest in Ballarat in the 70s has denied the allegations, saying claims he has sexually abused anyone, at any place and at any time were "totally untrue and completely wrong".

Last month Victoria Police Chief Commissioner Graham Ashton confirmed child exploitation taskforce Sano is still investigating the cardinal.