Footage has emerged of traffic chaos around a popular Pokestop at Rhodes with enraged motorists dicing with witless pedestrians oblivious to the danger.

The crazy scenes show Pokefans running in front of cars as drivers honk their horns and try to navigate their way through the crowd spilling on to the roadway. The video emerged on social media after residents had been criticised for over-reacting to the hundreds of people playing the game Pokemon Go around their apartment buildings and in nearby parks.

This follows Canada Bay Council warning to rowdy gatherings of players and calls for the game to remove some of the three Pokestops that are nearby.

Council has engaged extra rangers to manage the crowds of Pokemon Go players who converge nightly on Peg Paterson Park.


Based on the 1990s Pokemon phenomenon, the game is now the most downloaded app in Australia, making it more popular than Tinder or Snapchat.

It involves lures that can be bought and dropped by players at any "Pokestop" (or landmark) to benefit all nearby players. Over the past week, the inner west, and in particular Rhodes, has had an influx of visitors due to the Pokemon Go craze.

A council spokeswoman urged players to "play safe and be considerate". "While the City of Canada Bay encourages our residents and visitors to enjoy our public places, we also remind everyone, particularly those playing the game, to stay safe and be considerate of the local community," she said.

"In response to the phenomenon, council is working closely with local police to monitor and deal with to any issues that arise.

New signs have been installed around the park, reinforcing legislation surrounding noise levels, smoking near play equipment and littering.