A young schoolboy was hit by a moving car and flung across a busy road when he ran into the street because the nearest crossing was 10 minutes away.

The child, who was still wearing his green school uniform, sprinted across the road from behind a stationary bus.

But he failed to see the vehicle which was being driven down the road and was immediately struck by the car in a residential area of Jurong West in Singapore.

He was then knocked high into the air and across the bonnet before he landed awkwardly on the road - nearly into the path of a bus driving in the opposite direction.


Shocked bystanders then rushed over to the youngster who seemed to struggle to stand up and found it difficult to walk.

The footage, captured on a dashboard camera, has notched up several million views after it was posted online by user 'Suzy Adorabella Lyliana' on road safety websites.

Locals said that children who choose to cross the road to get to a bus stop at that point do so because they have to travel up to 10 minutes to find the nearest safe crossing.

The boy did not appear to be seriously hurt and actually ran off before the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) ambulance arrived, local media reported.

The SCDF confirmed it received a call for assistance but that the boy had already left the scene at Jurong West Street 81 by the time they arrived.

At the nearby primary school where he studies, staff confirmed that his parents took him to hospital and he had then been allowed home to rest.

The spokesman declined to say how old the boy was or whether any investigation was being carried out.

Netizen Christopher Bong said: 'It is... easy to cast blame when it is the negligence of the parents to inculcate road safety... It is not fair to blame drivers all the time.'

And teacher Jeffery Lim, 23, who lives nearby, said it was a five to 10 minute walk from the accident site to the nearest crossing, adding: 'It can get very busy on this road... and people run (across) for the bus.'