An Emmy-winning CBS news producer and photojournalist has been fired after a series of social media postings threatening to bomb Black Lives Matter protesters in downtown Atlanta.

Charles Beau Menefee, of CBS46, posted screen shots on Facebook of BLM protesters marching in central Atlanta, saying: "BLM is blocking the street ... but I have a solution! How about we box everyone in and drop a f****** bomb on it?"

Menefee also made racially charged remarks about Baton Rouge police shooting victim Alton Sterling, blaming the BLM protest movement for the slaying of the Dallas police officers.

The two-times Emmy Award winner lashed out on Facebook, calling the black rights campaigners "unevolved, uncivilized turds".


"An armed, ignorant piece of s*** with a gold grill in his mouth like Alton Sterling was totally a reason for you un-evolved, uncivilized turds to kill good, moral, moral, civilized people like police officers," he wrote. "Go die, Black Lives Matter."

His career-ending series of social-media posts also suggested someone should shoot the BLM protesters at their next march.

CBS46 general manager Mark Pimental confirmed to the Atlanta Journal Constitution today that Menefee was fired from the news station. Pimental's note to the publication included a copy of the firm's employee photograph of Menefee.

The Twittersphere was quick to condemn Menefee's behaviour, with some added advice on what to do next.

Los Angeles actress and fight choreography expert Victoria Floro, who has credits for movies like Diversion (2010), AgAu (2014) and Help Wanted (2011), suggested on Twitter: "Now that he's been fired he'll have more time to devote to his more leisurely pastimes, like burning crosses."

New York Times best-selling author Jeff Pearlman also had advice.

Menefee won two Emmys in 2012 as a photojournalist in the "investigative report: single story" and "crime: single news story" categories.

Last year, he was nominated for an Emmy for his general assignment coverage of the Ferguson protests, but did not win.

The Atlanta Journal Constitution reports that his former station had increased security following his termination.

It also posted a link to Menefee's 2013 YouTube showreel, which was taken down shortly after they posted the link.