Editors across the country back a Turnbull Government in times of global uncertainty.

The Australian

"If Mr Turnbull stays true to the foundation stones of the Coalition's modest success thus far, overlaying it with his own businesslike approach and obvious optimism, he could be the man for these times."

The Australian Financial Review
"For all Mr Shorten's effective campaigning, Labor remains structurally unfit to govern. In his nine months leading the nation, Mr Turnbull has been too timid in confronting the challenges of securing Australia's modern prosperity. Yet he is the only political leader with both a genuine economic growth agenda and a commitment to reduce the burden of government rather than increase the disincentives of higher taxation. For this newspaper, there is no alternative but to support Mr Turnbull and the coalition."

Sydney Morning Herald
"Given the choice between a coalition led by the socially progressive economic reformer Mr Turnbull, and a Shorten-led Labor party backed by reform-resistant unions, we support the election of a Turnbull government."


Daily Telegraph
"Australians face a simple choice. Either commit to a prime minister and a government that largely recognises the problems we must confront, or opt for an alternative that will blow spending through the roof. The Daily Telegraph endorses a vote for the coalition."

The Age
"Mr Shorten has ... presented the nation with a legitimate choice. But we believe Mr Turnbull deserves the chance to deliver on the potential that stirred the nation when he came to power less than a year ago."

Herald Sun
"Australians deserve stability. A vote for Labor promises uncertainty, a vote for the Greens only a greater unknown. The Herald Sun does not attempt to present Mr Turnbull as the perfect prime minister, but we believe he has the greater capacity to provide Australia with the strong government we so desperately need."

Courier Mail
"And while Bill Shorten and Labor have managed to put their past behind them to offer a broadly credible alternative, on balance Mr Turnbull and the coalition are a more coherent prescription in an era that demands experience, stability and certainty."

Adelaide Advertiser
"The stakes are high and it's the clear view of The Advertiser that Malcolm Turnbull and the coalition are the right choice to deliver Australia and South Australia the strong and stable leadership we require in these tumultuous times."

The West Australian
"Mr Turnbull and his leadership team have provided a clear vision for the future and they should be given the opportunity to execute that plan and, if re-elected, the Prime Minister needs to listen attentively and get on with leading the country."

Sunday Sun-Herald
"Mr Turnbull has had barely nine months to set a stronger economic and fairer social path than his predecessor ... he deserves a chance to establish his own mandate.

Sunday Telegraph
"The Coalition is undeniably the stronger party on all measures that really matter to Australians."

Geelong Advertiser
"In these times of global uncertainty it is economic issues that will have the greatest effect on our lives. We concur with the mounting view in the electorate that a Turnbull government would be a safer pair of hands for the economy."

Canberra Times
"Mr Turnbull's reluctance to fully embrace budget repair and the need for overdue tax reform notwithstanding, the Coalition promises stronger, more effective government than Labor."

NT News
"The Coalition presents the only responsible economic plan, one that seeks to reward effort and enterprise. Labor seems to have abandoned those principles.