1 Slight advantage for Leave

The campaign for Britain to 'Leave' the European Union has established a one-point lead over the rival 'Remain' camp before voting on the EU membership referendum begins tonight, according to an opinion poll published by polling firm Opinium. The survey put support for Leave at 45 per cent and Remain at 44 per cent. Opinium's previous poll, published on Sunday, had put the two camps level at 44 per cent each, based on polling between June 14 and 17.

2 Two die in Pretoria violence

South African police say two suspected looters have been shot dead in areas around the capital Pretoria in violence triggered by the ruling party's choice of a mayoral candidate for local polls. Police said they also arrested 40 rioters who had been attacking foreigners' shops as public anger mounted over economic hardship in the build-up to August 4 elections likely to become a referendum on President Jacob Zuma's leadership.


3 Lightning strikes more often

Bangladesh has seen a near-record number of deaths this year from lightning strikes, which appears to be worsening with climate change. So far this year, 261 people have died from lightning, putting the nation on track to beat last year's 265 deaths. India has seen a similar surge, with 93 people killed just in the past two days. Bangladesh's Government is adding lightning strikes to the country's list of official types of disasters, compensating victims or their families. Scientists say warmer conditions associated with climate change are causing more water evaporation from the land and ocean, increasing clouds and rainfall and the potential for lightning storms.

4 Plane returns to Rothera

A small plane with two sick workers has arrived at a British research station in Antarctica, safely finishing the first leg in a daring rescue mission from the remote Amundsen-Scott US South Pole station, officials said. National Science Foundation spokesman Peter West confirmed that the Twin Otter turboprop landed at Rothera, a station on the Antarctic peninsula run by the British Antarctic Survey, after a flight from the South Pole. The rescue team will rest and fly out to southern Chile, the closest and most likely spot for medical treatment.

5 Deputy shot in New Orleans

A sheriff's deputy was fatally shot in the New Orleans suburb of Harvey after stopping a pedestrian on a busy street in the middle of the day, officials said. Police flooded the area, searching for the suspect by helicopter and combing the area with dogs. The deputy was not identified.

6 Colour debate revisited

A survey from a Scottish eye care company could be sparking a controversy similar to last year's debate over the colour of a dress. Optical Express said on its website that it conducted a survey in the United Kingdom asking whether a swatch of a teal-type colour was blue or green. Sixty-four per cent of more than 1000 people who responded said it was green, according to the company. Thirty-two per cent thought it was blue.

7 DNA test ruins Prince claim

DNA test results show a Colorado prison inmate, Carlin Williams, is not Prince's son, a person who has seen a sealed document said, and therefore is not entitled to inherit a fortune worth up to US$300 million.

8 Big step for North Korea

A North Korean mural in Wonsan with a message which reads
A North Korean mural in Wonsan with a message which reads "Long live the great victory of the army-first policy". Photo / AP

North Korea took a significant step in the development of a powerful ballistic missile, launching one of the weapons about 1000km high after five failed attempts in recent months. The North's suspected Musudan tests worry Washington and its allies, Tokyo and Seoul, because the missile's potential 3500km range puts much of Asia and the Pacific, including US military bases there, within reach. Japanese Defense Minister Gen Nakatani said the most recent launch demonstrated a "certain level of capability," and could lead to a further strengthening of North Korea's ballistic missile capabilities that can cover Japanese territory.

9 Death from starvation

Doctors Without Borders says nearly 200 refugees from Boko Haram have died of starvation and dehydration in the Nigerian city of Bama in the past month. The doctors reached Bama yesterday a military convoy from Maiduguri, the Borno state capital 70km to the northwest.

10 Clinton and Warren to campaign

Curious about what a two-woman presidential ticket might look like? Democrats Hillary Clinton and Senator Elizabeth Warren are offering a glimpse at a campaign event next Tuesday in the battleground state of Ohio. Warren is on Clinton's shortlist of prospective running mates. Meanwhile Bernie Sanders has told C-SPAN: "It doesn't appear that I'm going be the nominee".

11 Thurman injured

Uma Thurman has suffered several broken bones after she was thrown from a horse she was riding. The Oscar-nominated actress' publicist said Thurman was "training on a young thoroughbred who got spooked".

12 Bear Pedals returns

A New Jersey black bear that walks upright on its two hind legs and has become a social media darling has re-emerged and has been captured on video months after its last sighting. The bipedal bear nicknamed Pedals was spotted in the town of Oak Ridge, NJ.com reported. The bear appeared to be in relatively good health and was moving briskly in a video posted to Facebook featuring the bear.

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