Justin Trudeau - otherwise known as the hunkiest world leader to ever grace planet Earth - has just taken things up a notch.

In a video tweet this morning, the Canadian Prime Minister challenged Barack and Michelle Obama, as well as Prince Harry, for the Orlando Invictus Games.

Speaking into the camera while surrounded by members of the Canadian Invictus Games team, he said: "Oh hey! I just thought I'd show our friends in the US and the UK how Canada brings it."

In the middle of doing a one-armed push-up, he says: "Your majesty, Prince Harry, President and Mrs Obama ... boom!" and drops a figurative mic.


"Orlando, Invictus Games. Canada's ready."

Man. And you thought he'd reached peak badass responding to that question he was asked on quantum computing.

All right - so it probably would have helped if he wasn't wearing that pesky shirt, but we can't have everything, OK?

It helps to have friends in high places when you're promoting an athletic event. That's certainly the case for Prince Harry, who released a video on Friday promoting the upcoming Invictus Games for wounded veterans. The cast includes his grandmother Queen Elizabeth II, and Barack and Michelle Obama, who were dinner guests of Harry's last week.

Last week, the Obamas challenged Queen Elizabeth and Prince Harry in a viral video, telling the royals to be "careful what you wish for".

The queen casually responded saying, "Oh, really?"

The Invictus Games will be held in Orlando from May 8-12.