They're notoriously adept at complaining about the weather - but on Tuesday Brits had legitimate reason when London received a dusting of late spring snow.

Sizeable flurries were felt throughout the day in between thunderclaps, rain showers and bursts of sun.

Many who could not believe the icy flakes in the air took to Twitter to share their disbelief, sharing pictures of cricket grounds and slate grey skies.

The flurry has been dubbed 'Artic April' and 'Thundersnow' by UK press, with some saying the return of winter coincided nicely with the return of Season six of Game of Thrones.


The Met Office tweeted it's a myth that it has to be below zero to snow, saying the heaviest falls occur when the temperature is between zero and two degrees.

Forecaster Lindsay Mears told The Sun: "The outlook for the next couple of days is still cold with the risk of overnight frosts and wintry showers in parts."

"For Wednesday and Thursday it is a similar picture to the start of the week with cold Polar Maritime air coming down from the north.

Meanwhile Exacta Weather's James Madden said there could be "blizzard conditions" in other parts of the country.

"Clearer skies in the evenings will also allow for some notable dips in temperature," he said.

Wednesday is expected to be a dry day in England's south with scattered showers developing in the afternoon mixed with hail and thunder. The maximum temperature will be twelve.

But while it might be chilly in London, it's nothing on the heavy snowfall felt in Germany this week due to a low pressure system.

Now the German's really have something to complain about.