"Some people just want to see the world burn" Alfred told Bruce Wayne, warning him of the Joker's nihilistic death-wish.

And now, in Northamtonshire, a man who closely resembles the Joker has struck, robbing a 95-year-old woman of her handbag with the help of an accomplice, presumably Two-Face or Harley Quinn.

The image, posted on the local police department's Facebook page is possibly the worst e-fit ever. Like, the guy could probably sue the department for defamation and win.

The description given to police says the man had a "chubby face, and a very wide open mouthed grin showing teeth."


If he looked anything like the e-fit, it's a wonder the woman didn't die of fright.

Facebook users were quick to quip on the photo, with one saying "has anyone contacted Gotham Police Department. I'm pretty sure they have a big file on this guy."

Another wrote: "I reckon Batman knows where is".