We have all heard how rescuers have to come to the aid of cats stuck up trees and birds with broken wings, but this operation was a little more complicated.

A rescue team needed some long ladders to help a goat which had somehow become stuck on some telephone wire and was hanging around 20 feet above the road in Greece.

It was hanging from its curly horns, which had become caught on the wire, and although goats like to climb, no-one is quite sure how it ended up hanging there.

First the team pull the ladders out of the van and try to climb up to help the goat, but there is nowhere to rest the end of the ladder.


Eventually the men decide to use it to push the distressed animal towards the steep hill that the line is attached to, which is probably how it got there initially.

Meanwhile, another two men scaled the steep rock face so they could get to the end of the line to meet his colleague.

Another man climbs up the ladder, now rested on the rocks, managing to get high enough to tie a rope onto the animal's leg.

The men at the top of the rock then grab the end of the rope and pull the goat towards safer ground.

As they pull it down from the telephone line, it quickly runs down the hill and trots off over the road below.

- Daily Mail