Travelling in flash cars and private jets and treating money as no object, a new Instagram account is revealing the privileged lives of some of London's wealthiest youngsters.

The account encourages wealthy youngsters to take pictures of their lavish lifestyle and and it has the tag line: 'Lives of the untouchable luxury kids.'

It features snaps of young people flaunting their wealth in stunts such as posing by luxury cars and even stuffing cash in tissue boxes suggesting they blow their noses on notes.

Cleaning shoes with £50 notes. The caption reads
Cleaning shoes with £50 notes. The caption reads "When a peasant touches your shoes." Photo / Instagram

The posters also appear to mock less well off people and in one image the describe shoppers waiting outside of a Primark store as peasants.


While in another picture, one rich youngster appears to clean his shoes with a £50 note with the caption: 'When a peasant touches your shoes.'

Many of the submitted images also feature the young people's luxury cars, which range from Bugattis to Lamborghinis.

Another picture shows one young man standing next to a gold-plated Maserati, with the caption: 'Back to uni.'

While a girl shows off her black stiletto heeled Christian Louboutin shoes as she gets into her Lamborghini, with the caption: 'LondonLamboLoubs'.

However other privileged youngsters show how they have private helicopters and jets at hand, with one showing how white colour of the plane matches the colour of their top of the range Range Rover.

Another snap shows what appears to be a young person relaxing in an opulently decorated living room, captioned: 'Do Not Disturb.'

And despite the page only being live a matter of weeks, it has already amassed almost 42,000 followers and has over 4,000 likes on Facebook.

The account follows other popular accounts such as Rich Kids of Instagram, which show the jet setting lifestyles of privileged young people from around the world.