WARNING: Video contains disturbing footage

Horrific dashcam footage has emerged from 2002 showing the moment police found a father with his throat cut after burglars left him in a shallow grave alongside his dead son.

According to the Daily Mail Forrest Bowyer, now 68, can be seen with a bloodied towel around his neck, telling police his son Brett, 12, had been shot three times.

Sergeant Darryl Powell can be heard calling for help saying: "No bull****, I've got a man whose throat has been cut, says his son's buried in a grave down here. This is a bad one."

Bowyer resisted efforts to get him into an ambulance, insisting on getting his son's body first.


The footage appears to have been filmed on a camera inside the police car on the night of February 18, 2002.

That night Michael David Carruth and Jimmy Lee Brooks had called in at the Bowyer house pretending to be narcotics officers.

Bowyer was reportedly targeted because of the large amounts of cash he kept in the house.

The pair told Bowyer he was under arrest for drug possession and loaded him in the car. The men then handcuffed Brett and put him in the car.

They took Bowyer's money, drove him out of the city and slit his throat. They threw him into a shallow grave where he pretended to be dead.

His son was then shot and thrown on top of him.

Bowyers dug his way out of the grave and crawled onto the highway where police found him.

Due to the evidence and testimony from Bowyer, Carruth and Brooks were arrested. They were also accused of killing a couple three weeks earlier.


Carruth was found guilty of the killings and sentenced to death. Brooks admitted the crimes and was also sentenced to die.

The men are still on death row in Alabama.

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