Your wrap of the world stories that broke overnight.

1. Satellite images show China may be building a powerful radar on a disputed island, which could monitor a vital waterway. The Centre for Strategic and International Studies says the building is occurring on Cuarteron Reef, one of seven islands China has expanded.

2. British Prime Minister David Cameron has accused Boris Johnson of backing Brexit in a bit for the Conservative Party leadership. Cameron told Parliament his own pledge to step down at the next election meant he had 'no agenda' other than the interests of Britain.

3. A study has found that sperm levels of men who kept their phones in their pocket during the day were seriously affected in 47 per cent of cases. The University of Haifa study said it could make conceiving difficult. Even keeping the phone on a bedside table appears to lower sperm levels.


4. US President Barack Obama has called his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin to discuss the latest arrangements for a new ceasefire in Syria which takes place at the weekend. There is scepticism about whether it can be enforced and militant groups Isis (Islamic State) and Jabhat al-Nusra are excluded.

5. Ten million people are still without water in New Delhi despite the army regaining control of its key water source after protests. It is expected to take three to four days before supplies return to normal.

6. The BBC reports that Mastercard has confirmed it will accept selfie photos and fingerprints as an alternative to passwords when verifying IDs for online payments. It says 92 per cent of its test subjects preferred the new system. Mastercard is to roll out the system mid-year in several countries.

7. French police have installed the country's first traffic camera at a stop sign. Police are chasing 517 drivers to give them warnings after they ignored the sign on the first day. The road junction at Yerres south of Paris is used by about 2000 vehicles daily.

8. A woman is suing a London pub for 4.2 million pounds after tripping in a beer garden. Carmen Mazo says she fractured her wrist tripping over a rope outside The Westbourne, Notting Hill, and claimed it destroyed her career as an HR consultant. In 2013 she was awarded 156,871 pounds but has been allowed to appeal against the amount.