Your wrap of the world stories that broke overnight.

1. London Mayor Boris Johnson has gone against British Prime Minister David Cameron in deciding to campaign for a British exit from the EU. He said the EU was eroding British sovereignty.

2. The suspect in the Kalamazoo shootings that killed six people is an Uber driver who reportedly took fares during the rampage. The suspect has been named as Jason Dalton, 45. Authorities in Michigan called it random mass murder.

3. Blasts in Homs and Damascus have killed more than 100 people. A double car bombing in Homs killed at least 57. Four blasts struck in a Damascus suburb as US Secretary of State John Kerry tries to work towards a Syrian ceasefire.


4. Hundreds of photographers are flocking to the Yosemite national park to see the 'firefall' a phenomenon where sunlight on the Horsetail fall looks like lava. It happens for about 10 days each February.

5. A victorious Hillary Clinton acknowledged on CNN that she needs to prove that she is driven not by selfish ambition but by a desire to improve voters' lives. "I've always been the same person, fighting for the same values."

6. A US$40,000 toilet has been built for the personal use of Princess Maha Chakri Sirindham of Thailand when she visits Cambodia today, the Guardian reports. The 8 sq m air conditioned building with an imported commode will not survive the visit. The toilet will be thrown out and the building converted to an office.

7. India is sending thousands of troops to break up riots by low caste protesters demanding greater access to government jobs. The riots have killed 10 people and severed water supply to New Delhi.

8. China is to build 'ventilation corridors' in Beijing to tackle pollution. Five large zones and smaller ones will be formed by connecting parks, rivers, lakes, highways and low buildings - allowing air flow. Building will be controlled and obstacles to air flow gradually removed.