Your wrap of the world stories that broke overnight.

1. The Bafta awards are under way this morning in London. The Daily Telegraph reports that after the luxury US$55,000 Oscar nominees' goody bag the Baftas have gone for austerity. Bafta freebies include a Kiwi winery tour, tea, mascara and facial spray adding up to 1500 pounds.

2. The US presidential candidates are taking firm lines on whether US President Barack Obama should nominate a replacement for Supreme Court justice Antonin Scalia who died on Sunday. Ted Cruz said the election should be a referendum on the Supreme Court and the Republicans must avoid losing high court influence "for a generation". Marco Rubio said the "the president can decide whatever he wants but ... the Senate is not moving forward on it until we have a new president." On the Democrat side Hillary Clinton says Obama is president until next January "a fact whether the Republicans like it or not" and Bernie Sanders urged the party to "get on with it".

3. Tributes are being paid to British indie band Viola Beach and their manager who died in a car crash in Sweden. The car carrying the Warrington band plunged more than 25m from a bridge into a canal.


4. Pressure is being applied to Russia's President over the Syrian war. US President Barack Obama urged Vladimir Putin to end air strikes against moderate rebels. UK Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond says Putin could end the war with a phone call. He says the question of whether Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad stays or goes depends on whether Putin is prepared to use his influence to remove him.

5. Greek riot police fired tear gas at demonstrators protesting a centre to house migrants on the tourist island of Kos.

6. Obese people live in an altered reality where they can't judge distances correctly. Distances appear longer, and more daunting, making them less inclined to exercise, Colorado State University researchers report. Researchers said those who need to lose weight find it harder to get started.

7. The Pope is in one of Mexico's most dangerous cities, Ecatepec, holding an open air Mass with more than 300,000 people.

8. Reuters reports that Britain's polls are telling different stories on whether the country will vote to quit the EU. Online polls say it will be a tight race that the 'out' camp could win. Telephone polls say the 'in' camp should win easily.