Your wrap of the world stories that broke overnight.


New York has begun the clear-up after the massive snowstorm that hit the eastern US at the weekend. The travel ban in the city has ended. The Washington metro remains closed and air travel faces further disruption. Five states saw snowfall of 90cm or more. The storm is weakening and heading for the Atlantic Ocean.

2. Also shivering: The South Korean island of Jeju has had its biggest snowfall in three decades with 11cm. Over 500 flights have been cancelled there. Hong Kong is at 3C - the lowest temperature there in 60 years.

3. The city of Rio de Janiero in Brazil has promised to step up measures to eradicate Zika-carrying mosquitoes at Olympic venues before the Games start in six months. Zika has been blamed for causing serious birth defects if a mother is infected during pregnancy.


4. Former Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott has decided to contest his seat of Warringah in Sydney at the next election rather than retiring. Also, seven of the eight state and territory leaders have declared that Australia should become a republic at some stage. The only holdout was the Western Australia leader.

5. The French Government has promised to keep law and order on its border after 50 migrants stormed a British-bound ferry. Thirty-five people were arrested.

6. Asylum-seekers have been made to wear coloured wristbands in Cardiff, the Guardian reports. Refugees said they had to wear them at all times while living at accommodation provided by Home Office contractor Clearsprings Ready Homes. The move echoes the 'red door' controversy in Middlesborough.

7. Inmates have blown open a prison wall in Recife, Brazil. The inmates left the Frei Damiao de Bozanno facility dressed in ordinary clothing, AFP reports. Forty inmates escaped, 36 have been caught, two were killed, one is in hospital and one at large.

8. Egyptian media say prosecutors have referred eight museum employees for trial over the botched initial reattachment of the beard on the burial mask of Tutankhamun. The beard became detached and then was put back on with glue. The beard has since been restored professionally.