A two-month-old baby girl has allegedly been stabbed to death by her grandfather in a horrifying knife attack in Brisbane which also left her mother and grandmother fighting for their lives.

According to 9 News Australia, it is expected police will allege the grandfather, 53, killed the young baby before attacking her mother and grandmother and injuring himself.

Police were called to the quiet street in Parkinson yesterday afternoon when screams were heard.

Neighbours have told of hearing loud screaming as the mother ran for help and of seeing a man walking down the street covered in blood.


A video filmed by a witness shows the grandfather covered in blood, lying on the ground while officers arrest him.

The grandparents, in their 50s, were visiting from China.

One resident told Fairfax it was "very, very surreal".

"They had the garage door open ... you could see all the blood in the garage and then the train from when they walked to the neighbour's house."

According to the Daily Mail police had spoken with the mother but would not take a formal statement until her condition improved.

The grandparents were both in intensive care.

- nzherald.co.nz