A British MP suspended from the Labour Party for sending salacious text messages to a 17-year-old girl is under fire from one ex-wife while another adds to the public circus.

The first wife of Simon Danczuk, 49, has claimed he was an abusive husband, pestered her for sex and took drugs. Sonia Rossington, 39, accused Danczuk of being a "sexual predator" during their 10-year marriage and wanted to "spank" her.

The revelations further raise the prospect the MP for Rochdale could be expelled from the party.

His second wife, Karen Danczuk, 33, has chimed in, accusing Rossington in a series of messages posted on Twitter of "degrading" behaviour for allegedly selling "seedy sex stories" about their marriage.


Rossington told the Mail: "Sexually he was quite perverted. He introduced me to pornography shortly after we married and wanted to tie me up and cane me. He also liked to use poppers - amyl nitrite - as he said that made the sex better.

I was completely controlled by him. It was a form of domestic violence, without the hitting. I think he never hit me because he was usually too stoned."

Danczuk has claimed a "drink problem" led him to send sexually explicit messages to teenager Sophena Houlihan.

Danczuk told the Sun on Sunday he felt "lonely" and was "drunk" while on holiday in Spain when he sent the texts. The father-of-five added "younger women are my Achilles heel" but said he knew sending the messages was "wrong".

Danczuk has been an outspoken campaigner against child abuse and wrote a book exposing Cyril Smith, a former Rochdale MP, as a serial paedophile.

But Danczuk was suspended after he admitted sending explicit text messages to Houlihan after she asked to do casework in his constituency offices.

Meanwhile in Australia a texting mishap has struck Immigration Minister Peter Dutton. A journalist Dutton dubbed a "witch" in a message he accidentally sent to her says it was a "solid sledge", but has accepted his apology.

Samantha Maiden, the political editor for New Corp's Sunday papers, received a text from the minister labelling her a "mad f***ing witch", after penning a column critical of his colleague Jamie Briggs.

The message was reportedly intended for Briggs, who has stepped down after acting inappropriately towards a diplomat while on an overseas trip.

"It's a solid sledge," she told the Nine Network. "I sent him a text immediately saying 'you know mate, you've sent that mad witch text to the mad witch' and he was more than happy to apologise right away."

Maiden said Dutton made the decision to own up, after she chose not to name him when appearing on Sunday television. She hoped he doesn't end up in the backbench.

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