People in Port Lincoln, South Australia, are mourning after a young father drove himself and his two children to their deaths in Boston Bay. Damien Little, who was in his 30s, drove his station wagon off Brennan's Wharf into 30m of water, the Advertiser reports. With him were his children Hunter, 1, and Koda, 4.

2. Democratic presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton, on her first day of campaigning this year, took direct aim at Republican Donald Trump's pledge to make America great again. Clinton told a meeting in New Hampshire: "You can't make America great again if you insult and demean the people of America." Trump's first TV ad has aired, prominently featuring his controversial call to halt Muslims from entering the US.

3. Bahrain, Sudan and the UAE have followed Sunni ally Saudi Arabia in taking diplomatic action - cutting or downgrading ties - against Iran in the row over the execution of a Shia cleric. The Saudis are also stopping air traffic to and from Iran. The actions follow the attacking of Saudi Arabia's Embassy in Tehran.

4.The Guardian reports that the gun show business in the US is booming as buyers stock up before President Barack Obama's expected executive order this week, likely to curb certain kinds of gun sales. Attendance at a gun show in Birmingham, Alabama, was 75 per cent up over last year, according to an organiser.

5. A New York man who has taken over city buses and trains for over 30 years has pleaded for therapy for his obsession, AP reports. Darius McCollum, who first took charge of a train at age 15, said "there's no AA for buses and trains". McCollum, 50, has been arrested 30 times for transit-related crimes and been diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. Most recently he allegedly took a bus for a joyride from a depot in New Jersey.

6. A young child shown in an Isis (Islamic State) video has been confirmed to be Isa Dare, the son of Grace Dare, a British jihadi bride with links to the Lee Rigby killers, the Telegraph reports. Her father Henry Dare confirmed his 4-year-old grandson was in the video. Britain has denounced the Isis video, also showing a militant with a British accent, as "desperate" propaganda. Prime Minister David Cameron, who is threatened in the video, said Isis is losing ground. The video shows the killing of five men accused of spying for Britain.

7. A Briton who faced jail time for comparing a Kyrgyzstan sausage dish to a horse penis has been deported. The BBC reported a judge has made the ruling at Karakol city court after Michael McFeat apologised for his comment about the horsemeat delicacy.

8. Western tourists have been fined for flashing their breasts on the Thai island of Phuket. Police searched for the two women, an American and an Austrian, after a video went viral on social media showing them dancing from the window of a vehicle. They were charged with indecent public exposure and fined 500 Baht ($20).

9. A Sudanese man who managed to walk almost the entire length of the Channel Tunnel from France to Britain has been granted asylum, AFP reports. Abdul Rahman Haroun, 40, was arrested in Kent last August after the 50km walk.

10. At least 25 people have been injured by one bull at an amateur bullfighting event in Turbaco, Colombia. Four people gored are in a serious condition, the BBC reported.