A German man was shot dead as he frolicked with his lover in a field of corn because a hunter mistook them for a wild boar.

The 30-year-old, identified only as Norman G, was kissing and drinking champagne with his Polish sweetheart Katharina, 23, in the field in Nauen near Brandenburg, Germany, at sundown on Wednesday when a rifle shot cracked in the distance.

A split second later the amorous forklift truck driver fell dead with a bullet through the heart.

The round also penetrated the arm of his farm worker lover.


It turned out the victim had told his girlfriend he was working late at his job in a pizza factory while he was pursuing the secret tryst.

Nils Delius, of the prosecutor's office in Potsdam, said: "We are investigating manslaughter. The hunter said he mistook the outline of the people for that of a wild boar."

- Daily Mail