A safari-goer in South Africa has told how he took a photo capturing the moment that a lioness attacked and killed a fellow tourist.

Ben Govender, 38, had grabbed his camera for what he thought would be simply a memorable photograph of the lioness peering through the window of Katherine Chappell's vehicle at Gauteng Lion Park, in Johannesberg last week.

To his horror, the beast lunged forwards and bit her shoulder, before pushing into the car and fatally mauling her. Ms Chappell, 29, had wound down her window for a close-up encounter.

"It was terrifying. After the first bite, the lioness retreated from the car with blood dripping from her mouth and paw," said Mr Govender, who was travelling in a car behind Ms Chappell, in an interview with the Daily Mirror.


"We all thought she was done and didn't like what she'd just bitten. But like someone in a temper that wasn't satisfied in a fight, she leaped back into the car and mauled the passenger.

"The rangers came running in and the two lions ran off. And it was too late to do anything to save her."

Ms Chappell, who was from New York, worked as a video editor for a Canadian company on movies and shows including HBO's Game of Thrones.

Ms Chappell's death is the third attack in four months at the park, which boasts of "super close-up views" of the animals on its website.