New colour footage shows what Germany looked like in the aftermath of World War II.

The Battle of Berlin ended in May 1945, 70 years ago this year, and now you can see what the city looked like in the months after the death of Adolf Hitler and the surrender of the Nazis.

The unique, high-definition video was produced by the Hamburg-based Chronos Media, a German production company that documents contemporary history.

The footage was filmed shortly after the end of the war and shows some of the damage caused in Berlin and Potsdam.


The footage gives an insight into life in Germany at the end of the war and features many clips of Germans carrying on with their everyday lives. Some have even taken to the beach to relax.

Included in the 30-minute video are flyovers of damaged buildings in the German capital, shelled during the conflict. Also featured are the Berlin Reichstag, Olympic Stadium and the Berlin Victory Column.