Incredible images have emerged of the moment a four-month old baby was rescued from the rubble of a building devastated by the Nepal earthquake, 22 hours after the disaster struck.

The Nepalese newspaper Kathmandu Today published images of the dust-covered baby boy as he was pulled to safety by members of the army assisting the on-going search and rescue effort.

Soldiers initially missed the child as they searched through the wreckage for survivors. He was only found when they heard a faint cry from beneath the ruins of the building, leading them to check the entire area again.

The child, named by CNN as Sonit Awal, is reportedly in a stable condition in hospital and escaped the ordeal without any serious injuries.


The condition and whereabouts of his parents are unknown.

News of his rescue has been hailed as a "miracle" by many across social media. The 7.8 magnitude earthquake killed 5,000 people and over 6,500 were injured. Officials fear this death toll could double to 10,000.

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