Malaysia Airlines has said full compensation will be paid to families of the victims of the MH17 crash, after a news article earlier this week raised doubts.

MH17 was shot out of the sky over Ukraine in July, killing all 298 people on board. Among the victims were New Zealanders Robert Ayley and Mary Menke, who were flying to New Zealand from Amsterdam.

Malaysia Airlines said in a statement it was "deeply disappointed by the disingenuous and factually ... incorrect opinions" published in the article by the Sydney Morning Herald this week.

The families of the victims have been offered $US50,000 in advance compensation payments.


The news article quoted a lawyer for some of the families who advised his clients not to take the advance payment in case the airline denied them full compensation later.

Malaysia Airlines said the advance payment would not impact on full compensation being paid.

"The payment is being made in recognition of a non-binding, though widely followed and wholly appropriate international practice, and the payment will be part of the final damages payable.

"Our foremost priority is to work tirelessly to attend to the care and support of the next-of-kin. We will also do our utmost to ensure that fair and adequate compensation is paid to families of those affected by this tragedy as soon as possible."