Laptop files show 'White Widow' may have targeted another shopping centre in 2011.

The British terror suspect Samantha Lewthwaite wrote a poem telling of her "love" for Osama bin Laden, files found on her laptop have shown.

Lewthwaite, who was married to the July 7 bomber Germaine Lindsay and is known as the White Widow, wrote that her love for the former al-Qaeda leader was "like no other" and described him as "my father, my brother".

The 34-line Ode to Osama was recovered from a computer Lewthwaite tried to destroy before she fled police hunting her in Kenya's coastal city of Mombasa in December 2011.

The files also showed she rented a flat near a shopping centre in Nairobi called The Junction, popular with middle-class Kenyans and expatriates and similar to the Westgate mall where 67 people were killed in last month's terror attack.


Photographs of Lewthwaite and her four children, and internet searches about dieting and fitness regimes were also found on the computer, according to an investigation by Sky News.
In total, 2000 files were found on the laptop hard drive and on a flash drive.

Interpol issued a "red notice" alert for Lewthwaite shortly after the Westgate attack. It's thought the 29-year-old soldier's daughter from Aylesbury is being harboured by al-Shabaab, the Somali terror group responsible for the atrocity.

Lewthwaite used the alias Natalie Faye Webb, a name on a fake South African passport, to rent her apartment near The Junction, one of three different addresses in Nairobi to which police say she is linked. It's the first time she has been specifically placed in the city. British and Kenyan intelligence believe The Junction may have been another potential terror target.

Lewthwaite ends the bin Laden poem with a warning to the West and President Barack Obama that the jihad is not over.