Greece police want Interpol help to identify a 4-year-old girl found in a Roma camp and who they believe was abducted at birth.

"So far we do not have a declared disappearance of a child of this age in Greece," said Vassilis Halatsis, regional police director for the central area of Thessaly.

The girl found on Wednesday in the central town of Farsala "has white skin, blonde hair and green eyes, features totally different from those of her alleged parents," the police said.

DNA testing has also shown a complete lack of compatibility between the girl, named Maria, and the Roma couple in whose care she was found.


"The girl might have been abducted from a hospital, or given up by an unmarried mother," Halatsis said.

A 39-year-old man and his 40-year-old wife have given conflicting reports on how they found the girl, leading police to believe she was taken from her parents in 2009 under unknown circumstances.

The couple have been arrested and are likely to be charged with abducting a minor. They also stole the child's Athens birth certificate.

The girl has been placed in the care of a children's charity.