Nasa has compiled its best time-lapse photographs of earth in a stunning video.

The clip, which has been uploaded onto YouTube, features amazing images of city lights, weather systems and auroras taken by the crew of the Expedition 30 crew aboard the International Space Station.

Highlights in the video include lightning storms over Africa, Aurora Australis over the Indian Ocean, Aurora Borealis over Hudson Bay, and Comet Lovejoy streaking across the sky.

According to the Daily Mail, the images were taken using a special low-light camera from a height of 386km.


The video is accompanied by the song Walking in the Air, which was written by Howard Blake for the animated film The Snowman.

Points of interest in video:

0:03 - Stars over southern United States
0:09 - US west coast to Canada
0:21 - Central Europe to the Middle East
0:37 - Aurora Australis over the Indian Ocean
0:55 - Storms over Africa
1:09 - Central United States
1:21 - Midwest United States
1:33 - United Kingdom to Baltic Sea
1:48 - Moonset
1:56 - Northern United States to Eastern Canada
2:13 - Aurora Australis over the Indian Ocean
2:33 - Comet Lovejoy
2:54 - Aurora Borealis over Hudson Bay
3:07 - United Kingdom to Central Europe

- Herald Online staff