A cannabis farm has been discovered at a primary school in London.

UK police acting on a tip-off found a plot of 40 plants in a 'secret room' at the 276-pupil school. They have arrested a man in his 40s.

The suspect is not believed to be a teacher, but does work at the school.

Parents at Bounds Green School & Children's Centre in Haringey, North London, were sent a letter telling them about the raid last week.


One 37-year-old mother-of-two said: 'There are nearly 300 children at the school and the thought that any one of them could have found these plants sends shivers down my spine. Schools are meant to be a safe place for children to go, not drug dens.'

A police spokesman said a man had been released on bail until February after being arrested on suspicion of cultivating the class B drug.

Haringey Council refused to comment.

In the last few years there have been several instances of cannabis and other drugs being found in primary schools.

Surveys and police records also show that children are being caught with cannabis at an ever younger age. Last year, a gang of primary school pupils in Burnley were suspended after they were found dealing drugs in the playground.

Teachers caught the four nine-year-old boys selling wraps of cannabis to fellow pupils between lessons for 50p each.

- Daily Mail